Valhalla BaseCamp

Valhalla BaseCamp is a two day exclusive investment bootcamp for entrepreneurs. At BaseCamp, an experienced investor/entrepreneur from the Valhalla Private Capital team will walk entrepreneurs through the ins and outs of raising capital and provide insight from an investor’s perspective about how to effectively pitch business opportunities to investors.

We go over more than just pitching to investors, you need to know how to:

– Raise capital including equity, debt, and leveraging other sources of capital
– Maximize the value of your capital round and minimize risk
– Create a company valuation
– Target and secure the right investors
– Close a round of financing
– Structure a pitch and a deal that is attractive to investors

Entrepreneurs come out with a better understanding of raising capital as well as if, why, when, and how to do it and positioning them to access angel investors, such as the Valhalla Angel Network.

Programs are offered every 6 – 12 months in cities across Canada and has run in over 15 countries internationally.

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