Technology Management

The Technology Management (TM) group works with two client groups: University of Alberta (U of A) researchers and local technology companies. TM serves U of A researchers by managing and marketing the intellectual property (IP) of the U of A, which is reported formally via U of A Reports of Invention. TM’s work involves a range of activities:
– Managing IP: assessing, advising and developing IP protection strategies
– Negotiating, drafting, and managing the legal agreements on behalf of the U of A to establish a successful commercial relationship, and/or transferring technology to a licensee company or new venture
– Working with inventors to assemble the elements needed to test the commercial feasibility of new technologies, such as assisting them in seeking relevant research and development funding

TM also makes its expertise available to local technology companies by offering technology assessments and IP landscape studies, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of new technologies, and referring clients to appropriate local legal counsel.

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