TechInvest Alberta Services

Competing for investment means more than having a good idea – a company needs to be “investment ready” and it is essential to have the best management team to ensure that your ideas are marketable to the world.

TechInvest solves the biggest challenges at each stage of your company’s development by working with you to build the capacity and capabilities you require for success.

TechInvest Alberta is aligned with the Alberta Council of Technologies (ABCtech) which co-hosts industry workshops, networking events, and conferences. ABCtech sessions provide unparalleled insights and knowledge sharing, with interactive talks, panel discussions and case studies presented by our preeminent network of industry veterans and rising stars.

TechInvest is interested in helping you uncover the real value of your ideas.  We welcome opportunities to meet with people and explore the potential your ideas have for the economy and society as a whole.  We would like to get to know you and what you envision for the future.

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