South Grow Regional Initiative

SouthGrow’s mission is to accelerate and enhance quality of life, development and sustainability for the communities of the SouthGrow region of Alberta.
Specifically, SouthGrow:
– Fosters a south-central Alberta shared vision for regional economic development;
– Creates new economic development opportunities in the region;
– Encourages and enhances shared services among communities through cooperation; and
– Provides south central Alberta with a unified voice on regional priorities.

The SouthGrow region continuously produces companies, organization, and communities which are successful on a provincial, national, and even global stage. Below are a few case studies of such examples:
– Launch extranet through website
– Annual council presentations
– Focused committees
– Regional asset inventory
– Secure increased investment from members
– Secure funding increase from province
– Expand staff and increase organizational efficiency
– Develop grant monitoring and application program
– Secure final three members
– Expand associate memberships to industry
– Website redevelopment
– Community website enhancement
– Organizational rebranding
– Site selection assets for all communities and the region
– Legislative review for investment readiness€‹

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