Green Hectares: Online Facilitation

All Community Connector Facilitators have been trained by the Sirolli Enterprise team to provide support to local entrepreneurs in realizing their business dreams. The Sirolli Enterprise team has over 30 years of personal business experience and have been intimately involved in the development, launch and implementation of economic development initiatives worldwide since 1997. The Entrepreneurial Development Program is a community based economic development tool.

The program is a free and confidential service that is offered within project areas and online, to anyone who wishes to open or operate a business. The facilitator assists clients in conducting market research, developing business plans, securing financing, locating commercial or retail space, and obtaining permits and approvals from appropriate government entities.

The methodology has provided a philosophical and practical basis for operations to Green Hectares Management Team and their Resource Boards. The Resource Boards have learned about the Trinity of Management and have an understanding of how Facilitators coach entrepreneurs.

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