Platform Calgary: Junction Program

Junction is a 9-week residency program that helps startup entrepreneurs, like you, establish clear foundations for technology-driven businesses. Throughout the program, you will learn to develop and organize information that allows you to understand and articulate your company to anyone, clearly. As the program progresses, you will actively build a data room – an organized compilation of startup documents in a secure location – which acts as a backdrop to educate, inform, and understand all aspects of a startup business.

The program combines educational content with applied workshops and events to help your founding team work through various aspects of the business. In addition to foundational business issues, crucial topics for founders such as pitch coaching, building a board of advisors and mental wellness are integral parts of the Junction program. All programming supports the development of founders and focuses on building the company.

Each startup is guided by a dedicated Advisor and has access to entrepreneurs in residence throughout the program duration. The rigour of one-on-one work with Advisors helps you prioritize and focus on business activities, with the intent to establish a 12 to 18-month growth roadmap. As a result, founders complete the program better prepared to take advantage of accelerators and investment opportunities.

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