SAIT: Innovation Space for Partners

SAIT offers 3 spaces for partners to use for their research and development:

KICS Innovation Centre

The Kinetica Innovation Centre at SAIT (KICS) is a facility that helps Alberta innovators and researchers design, prototype and test their proprietary technologies.

The impressive 2,200 square foot facility located on SAIT’s campus with easy access to the LRT is designed to accelerate prototyping efforts by offering co-working wet and dry lab space, access to an array of SAIT testing and fabrication facilities and entrepreneur and company development services through the Calgary Regional Innovation Network.

KICS helps energy innovators move their ideas from testing and experimentation to prototype development and companies from startups to going concerns.

Technology Demonstration Hall

As part of SAIT’s Applied Research and Innovation Services facility inventory, the Tech Hall is an applied research asset accessible to staff, faculty, researchers and students on campus in any discipline. The facility is often used for collaboration with presentations made to business and industry partners.

Industry Innovation Labs

The Industry Innovation Labs were built in 2012 and are housed within the Aldred Centre utilizing 440,000 square feet. These labs are available to industry partners who do not have their own dedicated applied research space.

The labs allow companies to cost-effectively develop, fabricate and test new technologies prior to commercialization. Space can be fit to meet your specific needs throughout the duration of your applied research projects.

Industry partners interested in using this space typically provide their own equipment and resources, although we will work with you to customize the space, plan and build the set-up you need.

For more information about these spaces, please visit our website.

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