ICTC: Women in Technology (WIT)

The WIT Connect initiative aims to deepen and expand ICTC’s gender-based measures and build a more inclusive measurable national framework of solutions to increase gender parity, address systemic barriers, and improve the attraction, retention and advancement of women in the ICT sector, based on feedback and shared knowledge from a cross-representation of women (in and not in STEM – including women who have exited or experienced barriers to entry) and input from employers and stakeholders in the sector.

Through WIT Connect, ICTC and its partners and stakeholders from private sector, education, government, and community organizations will create measurable actions that will illustrate best practices and inform enhancements to ICTC’s Diversity & Inclusion Readiness Scale for industry to use to advance the attraction, retention and career advancement of women in Canada’s digital-based economy.

This project is funded by Status of Women Canada.

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