Glenrose Rehabilitation Research, Innovation & Technology (GRRIT) Hub

The overall goal is to more directly develop innovative ideas into meaningful improvements in the quality of life for people with physical and cognitive impairment in both the clinical and community environments. In addition, Glenrose Rehabilitation Research, Innovation & Technology (GRRIT) assists in developing new opportunities for the industrial and academic collaborators that will create economic benefits for GRH and the wider community.

Through the use of existing AHS resources coupled with funding provided by the GRH Foundation and external funding agencies/groups, GRRIT will develop the mechanisms and provide the support in a flexible form to allow appropriate collaborations with the dual purpose of improving the lives of our clients and their families while creating opportunities for our collaborators and partners.

GRRIT will provide flexible support for technical assistance, release time for physicians and clinicians, traineeships and small amounts of specialized equipment for projects that fit into its mandate. It is not meant to control research and innovation occurring in the Glenrose but is available for projects that can lead to improvements in the quality of life for our patient populations and their caregivers.

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