Farm Water Supply Program

The Farm Water Supply Program shares costs relating to enhancements of a producer’s on-farm water supply management, arising from a Long-Term Water Management Plan (LTWMP). These eligible costs are offered through Standard and Special Incentive projects described in detail in the Farm Water Supply Program Funding List.

This program will:

  • support producers to improve their water supply security and more effectively and efficiently manage their on-farm water resources
  • support producers to protect their water resources through beneficial management practices; and
  • provide technical assistance to producers to complete an assessment for the management of their water resources (e.g., Long-Term Water Management Plan).

Producers, corporations and not-for-profit organizations with an active agricultural business in Alberta and a minimum of $10,000 of farm commodity production income are eligible.

The Farm Water Supply Program is not an emergency program.  Please refer to the website for program status.

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