Crop Research and Bio-Energy data

Lakeland’s G.N. Sweet Livestock Research Facility uses GrowSafe residual feed intake monitoring technologies for nutrition and performance trials for beef cattle and sheep. The Facility has the capacity to monitor up to 120 animals in a large scale trial or can run concurrent smaller trials. The GrowSafe system accurately measures the daily feed intake of individual animals, and when this data is combined with growth performance, it is possible to identify animals with preferred feed conversion rates. This can allow for better genetic selection of sires or can be used to monitor herd health. Early detection of animal health allows for early treatment and provides an excellent learning tool for students as they can monitor animals closely and learn to identify subtle signs indicating a drop in animal health and well-being. The Livestock Research Facility complements the College’s expansion to the production dairy barn and will help ensure that the College is able to support the development of the livestock production industry in western Canada through training and research.

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