Crop Research and Bio-Energy Centre

The Bio-Energy Centre at Lakeland College is a commercial agricultural building that houses a large workspace for equipment modification projects and a passive solar greenhouse on the south side of the building. The building incorporates a natural gas engine and generator or cogen unit. This cogeneration device provides both heat and electricity for the building and is tied into the electrical monitoring systems at the Research Centre and provides excess generation to the Vermilion campus. Using the monitoring systems developed at Lakeland, college researchers will monitor the engine performance and evaluate its benefits in detail. The attached passive solar greenhouse is used to grow plants for application in environmental remediation and monitoring projects while also providing information on the passive heat (thermal) benefits of including a greenhouse in commercial building construction. In close proximity to the Centre, the College houses our pilot scale gasification testing equipment, our mobile pilot scale biochar production unit, and our demonstration solar concentrator. This equipment is used for applied research projects with our partners.

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