Commercialization Office

Key Functions: Industry-Academic partnership development, IP Management, New Venture creation, Contracts, Investor relations, Educational programming

Key Highlights:

* 5 Spin-out companies to-date in the areas of gaming, employment facilitation, health products
* Entreinvestor Training Program [TM] so entrepreneurs build confidence in raising investor capital
* Venture Seed Competitions: “SPRINT! Ventures provides $8500 seed capital to mobilize research outcomes into startup vehicles (University only)
* Engage Regional Network (RINSA and partners) to enhance business opportunities

EXPERTISE of the UILO team:

*14+ years academic, NGO & industry experience
* Prospected and on-boarded industry partners for collaborative endeavors
* Raised seed capital and initiated clinical trials
* Multiple Inventor, Mentor, Preceptor
* Licensed innovation, negotiated contracts
* Deep contact list – Investor, Industry, Government, Enablers
* 4X Startup Professional
* Multiple Roles as: Director, Senior Director, Commercialization Advisor, Founder, Industry Liaison, Co-Lead Managing Scientist
* Applied expertise across many sectors including Ag-Food, Pharma, Engineering, Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Medtech

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