NAIT: Centre for Sensors and System Integration

NAIT’s Centre for Sensors and System Integration is a Technology Access Centre (TAC) supporting Alberta businesses with applied research and development projects that deliver a new product, an improved service, or a more efficient process.

Businesses across all major Alberta industry sectors have identified digital transformation as the critical next step in their operational evolution. The centre helps address parts of these digitization challenges through prototyping activities in preparation for commercialization, enhancing a company’s productivity, competitiveness, and innovation. This may be automating a manual process, testing existing technology in an innovative way, developing a tool to meet a specific application, or designing and building something new.   

We help industry partners develop prototype devices that address sensor-based challenges in resource extraction, agriculture, biomedical, and advanced technology enterprises. Working with both established sensor devices and new or innovative devices, our team uses engineering technology to help you produce and evaluate prototypes for field trial.

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