U of L: Canadian Centre for Research in Advanced Fluorine Technologies (C-CRAFT)

C-CRAFT is the first centre that focuses research on the element fluorine in Canada. Applications of fluorine compounds penetrate our lifes, from pharmaceuticals to agriculture, from aluminium production to semiconductor industry. The centre combines synthetic, analytic and computational expertise in fluorine chemistry, rendering Lethbridge, Alberta a hub for fluorine chemistry in Canada. With many national and international collaborators, C-CRAFT’s influence reaches beyond Alberta.

C-CRAFT provides a highly collaborative platform to advance research and training in fluorine chemistry using the synergy between synthetic, analytical and computational fluorine chemistry. The NMR centre has a unique specialization on fluorine-19 NMR spectroscopy in Canada with very few comparable instruments in the world. In conjunction with the synthetic inorganic fluorine chemistry laboratory that routinely handles the most reactive compounds and compounds that are unstable at room temperature, this NMR centre is a core facility of international importance. Collaborators from across the globe have sent samples for analysis to Lethbridge, because of the capabilities of our facility.

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