Botanic Gardens & Constructed Wetlands at Olds College

The Botanic Gardens and Constructed Wetlands at Olds College truly offer something for everyone regardless of the season. In spring you’ll be treated to flowering trees and shrubs, early blooming perennials, swaths of spring bulbs and the sound of water starting to move through the constructed wetlands. Summer brings fabulous displays of annuals in select beds, and in containers strategically placed throughout the gardens. Not just a walk down the garden path, the gardens are designed to meet the instructional needs of courses and programs on campus, and are used as the location and subject matter for research projects and community learning opportunities. The Botanic Garden highlights include our collections of hardy peonies, lilies and roses, natural areas, a wide variety of aquatics, herb garden, fabulous annual displays and much more.

Our goal is to maintain a Botanic Garden that introduces and conserves a diverse, well documented and accurately labeled collection of prairie hardy plants. Our collections preserve our natural heritage and expand the role of Olds College as a Centre of Excellence in Horticulture. Olds College’s Botanic Gardens enhance and support education, training, demonstration, and applied research programs that span generations and encourage the exchange of information and ideas with industry, students, other botanical gardens and the public. The Botanical Garden also raises awareness with the public regarding the importance of sustainable environments.

In 2017 we started a Volunteer Program to allow members of the public to give their time and energies to the Botanic Gardens. Interested parties can send an e-mail to

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