Tundra Accelerator Centre for Entrepreneurs (A.C.E. Program)

Tundra Process Solutions Ltd.

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The Acceleration Centre for Entrepreneurs (ACE) is designed to help Alberta’s best and brightest accelerate the commercialization of their near market-ready technologies that solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges. Launched in 2016, the program encourages risk-taking, supports Western Canadians, and celebrates their entrepreneurial spirit.

The Tundra Ace Program helps Alberta’s best and brightest fast-track the commercialization of their disruptive technology solutions and gain access to market, fast. 

The Tundra ACE program was created to deliver maximum value to stakeholders on all levels, including to Tundra, its customers, entrepreneurs, and to the industry as a whole. Tundra ACE partners with entrepreneurs, enabling them to access the market while also allowing Tundra to diversify its product portfolio and be on the cutting edge of technology. In helping to shape the future of the industry, the ACE program also provides value to customers by empowering them to adopt new technology in a low-risk environment through an established entity.

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